The appearance of the new OnePlus Buds headphones has been revealed


What you see on the cover is the rendering of the new headphones I live TWS Neo, which are expected to be submitted in June. Yet it is almost certain that it will also be the design of the OnePlus Buds, the true wireless headphones of the Chinese manufacturer, who often shares the design of his products with those of Vivo.

From the image it is clear that it will be type headphones open-eartherefore without a silicone adapter to adapt to the ear. This is the solution adopted by Apple with its AirPods and taken over time by numerous other manufacturers. A green LED is visible on the case, which should indicate the state of charge of the internal battery and it is possible that there is an LED on the inside to indicate the remaining charge of the earphones.

The render is basically identical to the sketches we showed you a few days ago and the OnePlus version should simply differ in the logo placed on the front. The launch of the headphones OnePlus Buds is expected for the month of July, when they should be presented together with OnePlus Z, the second medium range of OnePlus years after OnePlus X.

There is still no certainty regarding the technical specifications but according to Engadget, who managed to obtain the preview image, the Vivo headphones, and consequently the OnePlus ones, should use a 14.2 mm drive and offer a total autonomy of 27 hours , which includes the charge of the headphones and that obtainable through the case.

The presence of aptX Adaptive support is almost certain while it is not sure that an active noise cancellation system will be inserted, which could significantly affect autonomy. We will know more in the coming days, when Vivo will present its version and we will be able to provide you with more details.

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