The anti-Covid-19 and 5G bracelet from 649 euros that takes advantage of fake news. The Antitrust Authority intervenes


Would you buy an anti Covid-19 and 5G bracelet at the modest price of 649 euros? If you believe it works, you are free to do it, but is there any scientific evidence to prove it? None. How is it possible to believe such a thing? Drawing support in what were the “fake news” about the phantom conspiracy link between 5G and Coronavirus. We do not know how many citizens have purchased this product, while we know that the Competition and Market Authority intervened by removing the product from the site where it was possible to buy it:

The intervention of the Antitrust Authority

The “Transmission Plus” bracelet was described as a “parapharmaceutical” and consisted of a “silicon biomagnet”. It was not the only “anti-Covid-19” product which, as the Antitrust document points out, was illustrated as effective on the basis of alleged statements by “doctors committed to fighting Coronavirus”.

According to the Guarantor Authority, the practice of the site is incorrect as, specifically, the products appear deceptive and in defiance of consumer rights which, in the light of the health emergency, can be significantly influenced by the alleged effectiveness:

From the point of view of the periculum in mora, it is noted that the practice is still in progress and exploits the vulnerability of consumers, due to the pandemic in progress, to induce them to purchase even very expensive products, on the false assumption of their preventive effectiveness and curative of Covid-19.

In particular, the indifference of the intervention is noted given the seriousness of the commercial practice which, leveraging on the spread of Covid-19, exploits the pandemic underway to induce consumers to purchase the advertised devices that they would not otherwise have chosen.

As reported in the press release of, the authority has initiated an investigation against the Lam di Luciano Mion sole proprietorship, owner of the site:

Furthermore, on the basis of investigations carried out ex officio and a report from the Ministry of Health, the Authority also initiated an investigation procedure against the L.A.M. by Luciano Mion, owner of the site where the aforementioned products are advertised and sold, deceptively defined as “parapharmaceuticals” and whose “anti Covid-19” effects boast.

No scientific value

Do the bracelet and other “anti Covid-19” products sold on the site have any sort of scientific validation that demonstrates efficiency? No! The same Authority reports this in its press release of 25 May 2020:

The home page describes, among other things, properties that act against bacteria and viruses, improve the respiratory process and strengthen the immune system, through the emission of electromagnetic signals opposite to those emitted by COVID-19 and other viruses and bacteria.

The use of these claims, which do not have any scientific experimentation and validation process at the basis, it was deemed to integrate an extremely serious practice, such as to make the emergency intervention of the Authority indifferent.

“Scientific” sources

The product page contained some signed letters from doctors and other subjects who claim to have personally benefited from the products, but these could be considered reviews rather than scientific evidence that proves their effectiveness. In support, the product page contains a video published by the Youtube channel TVivo of the conspiracy expert Tommaso Minniti, aka Tommix (the one from the video of the coffins of Bergamo) with an interview given to a French television by the Nobel prize Montagnier:

As you can see, listening to the declarations of 18 April 2020 by the Nobel Prize for Medicine Luc Montagnier specifically from 11.35 onwards, the operating system of our Transmission Plus is that proposed only a few days ago by Montagnier himself to “turn off “Covid-19 and this method had been developed by us without a shadow of denial already in the third quarter of 2019, in particular against feline Coronavirus V and porcine V with single-stranded DNA and Feline Coronavirus (FC0V) with Double stranded RNA (cited from min. 12,20 and up to min. 12,30 always from Montagnier) thanks to the specific IMMUNITY plaque contained within the global OMNIA one present in the latter as you have seen above in the Transmission Plus

In the interview Montagnier is asked what the means would be to combat contagiousness. Here is the subtitle of the Nobel prize, which in the video had spread the false scientific news of the Sars-cov2 created in the laboratory to create an HIV vaccine, would have answered thus:

I have a somewhat avant-garde solution, and that is that waves can change frequencies. Some wave frequencies can modify the presence of these sequences and since they are foreign, they can perhaps be distinguished from the rest of the Coronavirus and can be selectively destroyed.

All theories without scientific foundation, based on what the supporters of Stop-5G tell.

In the description of the bracelet we read “also contrasts 5G”.

Within the site we find some references to the activities of the Italian Stop-5G Network and newspaper articles where, without scientific evidence, they talk about Coronavirus and 5G (like many other conspiracy theories on the two themes).

As reported by the Antitrust Authority, this type of sales is misleading towards consumers in a difficult time such as the Covid-19 pandemic. Such products have no scientific certification that proves they defend against the virus.

Butac’s colleagues also dealt with this type of business in 2016 in the article “Electrosmog and electrobufal”.

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