The announcement of Zangrillo, San Raffaele chief: ‘Coronavirus no longer exists!’ | A league


“Coronavirus no longer exists”, word of Alberto Zangrillo, chief of the hospital San Raffaele of Milan, where he directs intensive care. These are his words a Half an hour longer, broadcast on Rai 3: “The virus no longer exists clinically. Today is May 31st and about a month ago we heard epidemiologists fear for the end of the month and beginning of June a new wave and who knows how many intensive care places to occupy. Actually the virus from the point of Clinical view no longer exists. This is what the University of Life and Health San Raffaele says, says a study done by the virologist director of the Institute of Virology, Professor Clementi, says Professor Silvestri of Emory University in Atlanta “.CONVINCED – “I say this aware of the drama that patients who have not made it have experienced. We cannot continue to bring attention in a ridiculous way as Greece is doing on the basis of a terrain of ridicule, which is what we have set at the level of the national scientific committee and beyond, giving the floor not to the clinicians and not to the real virologists. The virus from the clinical point of view no longer exists. I sign it. Terrorizing the country is something that someone must take the responsability”.

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