The Americas new epicenter of the pandemic


While pandemic victims in the United States have exceeded 100,000, Latin America has confirmed a progression of infections and deaths in the last 24 hours.

Three patients attached to oxygen cylinders in a Peru hospital and parked on the stands in front of the hospital.

Sick patients at the Sabogal hospital in El Callao: one of the facilities designated by Peru to host only those infected with the coronavirus.

(Keystone / Sergi Rugrand)

The death toll in the United States is the highest in the world and exceeds the number of American soldiers killed in all the conflicts fought by the United States since the Korean War (1950-53) onwards. The current pandemic is preparing to become the most lethal in American history after that of the Spanish in 1918 in which 675,000 Americans lost their lives.

Meanwhile, the painful images of these days of hundreds of coffins piled up waiting for some makeshift burial in the cemeteries of San Paolo, Brazil, have been premonitory. In the last 24 hours in Latin America there has been a dynamic progression of the pandemic with a marked increase in both infections (833,493, +35,000) and deaths (44,765, +1,400).

Let’s first look at the situation in the United States:


In the USA, 100,000 deaths were exceeded

American epicenter

It has long been speculated that the peak of the coronavirus pandemic has officially affected Latin America according to the Pan American Health Organization (Paho).

It should be noted, however, that the Americas as a whole are in an emergency, given that, as mentioned, the United States has accumulated 1.6 million infections and over 100,000 deaths, while Canada has recorded 88,000 infected and 6,750 dead.

But, the director of the PAHO, Carissa Etienne, clarified, “the concern is great for Latin America”, because “it has now overtaken Europe and the United States in the daily calculation of the infections from Covid-19”.

To worry Paho and the governments of the subcontinent is the fact that the existing health facilities were not designed for pandemics such as the current one, which, even before the arrival of the peak, many hospitals and medical centers have reached the point of collapse , especially for resuscitation and assisted breathing.

Of course, after more than 70 days of quarantine and social isolation that have blocked the populations at home and paralyzed the formal and informal economy, the malaise is winding up more and more clearly, as evidenced by the incidents between demonstrators and law enforcement officers that occurred in the last hours in Chile and Ecuador.

The situation in the different countries

Brazil registered over 20,000 infections in one day, reaching 411,821, and more than 1,000 deaths, for a total of 25,598.

Here are the numbers of the most affected countries: Peru (135,905 infected and 3,983 dead). Chile (82,289 and 841). Mexico (74’560 and 8’134), Ecuador (38’103 and 3’275), Colombia (24’104 and 803), Dominican Republic (15 ‘ 723 and 474), Argentina (13’228 and 492), Panama (11’447 and 313), and Bolivia (7’136 and 274).

The news service on the pandemic in Latin America:


The dramatic Latin American situation with RSI

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