The alchemist of men and women is Davide Basolo, confirmed the anticipation of


As anticipated by, the mysterious Alchemist is David Basolo. It is the young Genoese bartender who hides behind Salvador Dalì’s mask. His name was from the beginning the main suspect in the investigations that has scrupulously carried out in recent weeks. Davide Basolo is the mysterious suitor of Giovanna Abate. It is an episode, that of May 27, 2020, which certainly marks a turning point in the history of Maria De Filippi’s program.

The Alchemist took off his mask

In today’s episode of “Men and Women”, Giovanna Abate entered the studio knowing that the Alchemist would enter without a mask. After reading a letter verbally, the Alchemist entered the applause of the studio audience. “You are beautiful together“says Gianni Sperti on seeing the bartender enter. Giovanna Abate immediately takes the floor: “Your values ​​arrive before your beauty, thanks for putting on the mask”.

Because Davide Basolo showed up with the mask

In order to guarantee social distancing, suitors have been given the right to cover their faces in the “Court with words” throne in this “Men and Women” re-start. Davide Basolo wrote to the editorial staff using the pseudonym of “The Alchemist” and addressing a series of virtual messages for Giovanna. Then the courtship began in the studio but always in a mask.

The clues that led us to expose the Alchemist

Many clues that led the editorial staff of to expose the identity of the Alchemist two weeks in advance. Above all, the two tattoos that can be seen on the hands: on the left index finger, the zodiac sign of Libra. And again: on the back of the right hand a very similar tattoo, a crown from that time and the inscription bearing “Carpe Diem”. Coincidences that have made the pair with the work in Formentera done in the past by the suitor. In Basolo’s curriculum vitae there is a job in Formentera, as shown by the photo of a well-known local where he appears as staff. Davide’s silence gave us the last piece. Our editorial team tried to get in touch with the suitor, who always refused any contact. The rule is always the same: silence means consent.

Who is Davide Basolo

Born in La Spezia on September 28, 1993, Davide Basolo is a Genoese bartender who in recent years has worked mainly abroad. The use inside a well-known restaurant in Formentera had put on its trail. Basolo is a sportsman, he carefully cares for his body and is a fitness enthusiast. He loves TV series, some of which he used to comment on social media – Twitter in particular – until a few weeks before landing on Men and Women. He loves the TV series, some of which he used to comment on social media – Twitter in particular – until a few weeks before landing in Men and women. He speaks three languages, in addition to Italian, Spanish, English and French. He follows football and is a Milan fan. Unlike what someone claims on social media, he is not an ex boyfriend of Giovanna Abate nor has he ever met her before attending the Canale5 dating show.

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