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Rome. During the lockdown, vapors and smokers of heated tobacco increase and the Higher Institute of Health issues the alarm: Covid is at risk of contagion. “Studies with good case studies have not yet been conducted, but common sense is enough to understand that steam and smoke are a vehicle for the propagation of the droplet and therefore for contagion”, says Roberta Pacifici, Director of the National Dependency and Doping Center of the Iss. «This – he adds – also applies to the smoke of traditional cigarettes, but the electronic ones as well as those with heated tobacco are not regulated by the Sirchia anti-smoking law, so they can also be used in public places, where the restrictions may be decided by the individual operator» . Needless to say, the possibility of contagion, as demonstrated by several international studies, increases with the spread of aerosols and droplets in closed environments and for this reason, according to Pacifici, “also in light of this emergency, a legislative intervention that equates vaping and electronic smoke to that of traditional cigarettes ».

Covid-19 and cigarettes, the video shock: smoke and steam are a vehicle for the propagation of droplets

Meanwhile, the data of the Iss itself, made in collaboration with the Mario Negri Institute, the San Raffaele University, the Institute for the study, prevention and oncological network and the Doxa, say that the duration of the quarantine has fallen since 23, 3% the percentage of smokers of “blondes”. But if 630,000 have stopped lighting traditional cigarettes, 9% of the population, or about 3.9 million Italians, have increased or started consuming tobacco. In fact, 8.55% have increased the number of cigarettes lit every day and 218 thousand have joined the ranks of smokers. E-cigarette users were 8.1% before the lockdown, rose to 9.1%, an increase that corresponds to about 436 thousand more vapors. Among e-cig users, 38.9% have increased the number of “puffs”, as the “pulls” in the jargon of vapors are called. 18% started using it regularly, 17% as an occasional consumer became habitual, 13% had never tried it before the lockdown.

Heated tobacco users are also on the rise, the now popular I-qos, so to speak. They were 4.1% of Italians, are now 4.4%, an increase of 130,800 smokers. The percentage of those who use tobacco products and electronic cigarettes, informs the ISS, “is significantly higher among those who have declared that they have an alcohol consumption at risk, to consume cannabis or to practice gambling”.

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