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You have sent us a Whatsapp message that has started circulating in these hours. The text is what I bring you below:

Pay attention please:
Goodmorning everyone. Very important news that you must run absolutely and also quickly. In these days the telephone operators starting from Vodafone (whose CEO Vodafone Italia is look at the Vittorio Colao case, the man linked to the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberg Club, therefore hidden powers, but above all the man put in charge of the task force for 5G, character at the head of structures with very heavy conflicts of interest), who will start to storm you with the various call centers to offer you a NEW CONTRACT, which will provide for halving the costs as long as you agree to switch from your current 4G to 5G.
BOYCOTT IT UNTIL DEATH, because through this system of coercion = commercial conviction that leverages the costs of internet services they will definitely fuck us with 5G, because if at least half of the population will accept it they will have the strength to introduce it definitively without even our consent , which we have already removed and that thanks to our social and web tam tam we have been able to block it, leading many mayors of Italy and countries of the world to block its definitive commissioning.
I repeat to you guys, be careful, it’s a TRAP, don’t be fooled, keep your mind firm and don’t give in to this bargaining chip, which they are using because they know it by now without our consent, they can’t do anything_ *_ * and this thing, it should say very long to all those people who still continue to lash out against those who say and spread the truth, not knowing the dark plans related to this technology that someone has in store in the very near future for all of us , because the reason why they are now operating this strategy is because they have a completely dirty conscience, being aware of the SERIOUS HEALTH EFFECTS that this technology would cause in people, and since they will never be able to provide evidence of the non-harmful nature of this 5G in the world whole, to introduce it quietly and transparently and above all smoothly, the only way is to follow indirect roads like this to justify its definitive introduction to the whole world, which has already raised a global case, having installed its antennas at night while we were all subject to restrictive quarantine and confinement measures (in English LOCKDOWN, they use English for nas season reality and make it softer, using NLP, better known as NEURO LINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING). And I also add: for any new telephone proposal regarding the internet they will make you, always ask if it is 5G, because they could also in a fraudulent way make you pass equally to the same without you being familiar with it and above all, that you have never signed. EYE BOYS, EYE !!!!!
So I recommend you guys, run and boycott it, especially because you have to keep in mind that we live in an era where going faster with the internet connection could certainly be an advantage, but the most important thing would be GOING FASTER WITH THE MIND instead MAKING IT WORK BETTER AND MORE, since today they are taking away more and more time available to NOT LET US THINK, because for someone who weaves in the shadows, thinking is too dangerous for the maintenance of his power, and perhaps, instead, it would be advisable to SLOW DOWN to regain control of the mind.
Yes to technological progress, which in many cases has produced serious benefits for humanity but keeping in mind before the HUMANITY HEALTH, which comes first of all, before money and progress.

It is a message that from the very first lines reveals its level of reliability. Vittorio Colao is no longer CEO of Vodafone since 2018. But it was necessary to be able to mention him, even if he no longer works with the group, in order to take advantage of a name already known to supporters of various conspiracy theses. The fact that the text begins with an error of that kind makes us understand the chosen tone. The facts matter little, the important thing is to scare. Fear acts as a lever: it is precisely by intimidating that one can suggest one’s readers in the correct way, it is with fear that they can direct themselves towards the chosen enemy.

Let’s understand each other: 5G contracts are useful if you have a 5G device, and if you are in one of the few areas of Italy covered by the signal. Bologna, which is one of the few cities with antennas installed, has active service with this coverage:

They currently cost more than 4G contracts. There are no reasons why they should offer you what is said in the message. That only serves to convey the second part, the one that relies on fear. Look at the use of capital letters, what is highlighted?

What is left of the message?

  • TRAP
  • TURN !!!!!

And instead the programming is exactly what they are trying to do with this kind of post, exploiting known keywords to target a group of population suggestible to these contents. A segment of the population that today, following isolation from the pandemic, is even more suggestible and frightened than normal. But the fear, fomented by posts like these, is not for the virus, but for feeling under dictatorship. Just like the sovereign script of the past two and a half months. And here comes an interesting element: the movement that pushes against the installation of the 5G network until a few months ago seemed to be pushed mostly by those activists linked to a green world closer to the left. It is not clear whether there has been a change of flag or just a system to catch all the suggestibles under a single banner.

I am increasingly worried to see the lack of attention given by the media to the phenomenon. It almost seems like you don’t want to go into it. If it were not for rare articles and some valid headlines – mainly online – of this whole battle, of the people who move the ranks, we do not talk at all, and when the topic is treated it is always done giving to understand there are two currents of thought split in half. The opinion of experts is rarely reported with the right emphasis, those known for their work and specialized on the subject. The contradictory is often used only to go so far as to say that the precautionary principle justifies everything.

But this is not the case, especially in this case.

maicolengel at butac punto it

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