The 5-star caste of the second term


“Virginia Raggi has made more roads than the ancient Romans,” says Pasdaran 5-star councilor Paolo Ferrara in the tragicomic attempt to pull the sprint to an encore of the first town. The same who, thinking of a stop due to the rule of the two terms, had shook his head disconsolate explaining that it would be as if “Julius II had prevented Michelangelo from completing the Sistine chapel”. It will not be Julius Caesar nor a pope to prevent or endorse a second round of the mayor, he will decide the whole discussion of the coming months within the 5 star Movement. The meeting with Luigi Di Maio at the Farnesina uncovered Pandora’s box, and for a couple of days the 5 stars have not talked about anything else.

Except for Roberta Lombardi and Nicola Morra, none of the big M5s has openly said against. Indeed, the chief regent Vito Crimi, precisely on the case of the Capitol, has clearly opened the possibility of a new race. And in recent days in the Movement the news has begun to circulate that not even Alessandro Di Battista, albeit with all caution, would oppose a change (yet another) of the rules (“Because already part of the parliamentary group does not tolerate it – one of his party mates says poisonous – let alone shoot him “). This is not a little news, given that among the leading figures in the pentastellato house it would be the only one not to be cut off by the cleaver of a stop after the second lap. According to the golden standard, everyone would take a step back: from Di Maio to Roberto Fico, from Paola Taverna to Alfonso Bonafede, from Nunzia Catalfo to Stefano Patuanelli, from Morra to Danilo Toninelli. Among the ministers, the only one to “save” would be Vincenzo Spadafora, among the parliamentary summits, Riccardo Ricciardi, the vice president of the deputies, may have groped at the maximum, exploded to the credit of the news for the sprawling anti-Jewish intervention of a few days ago.

What, how and how much to change is a matter of discussion these days. The Raggi and Appendino case gave birth to an idea: that of making the mandates of the city council member invalid for the purposes of calculation, paving the way for the candidacy as mayor. A hypothesis that already seems to have lost altitude. Both because it would not originally solve a problem that affects the entire ruling class in the last half and a half, and because it would look too much like the “zero mandate”. The incredible and Tafazziana found that the counting in small towns and cities was ousted from the count, a communicative move buried in a sea of ​​laughter, which turned against the writers.

Parliamentary groups are magmatic. The probable contraction of seats that will reach the next elections if combined with the possibility of a third term would greatly compromise the possibility of re-election for the rookies of the XVIII legislature. Not to mention that it would be the last bulwark of the founding rules of the Movement to be demolished, after the ban on making agreements has crumbled miserably already at the Gialloverde era and that of making alliances has affected the latest regional ones. Everything changes and every rule is valid for the moment in which it is valid for the young Sanfedists who have conquered power vigorously only to find it comfortable and sit down. “It is one of the founding values ​​of our Movement – explains Luca Carabetta, one of the most valid levers among the novices – and the time service and then returning to normal citizens is one of the values ​​that we have always claimed with our voters”. Carabetta says she understands the rule that applies to city councilors, it would be very difficult to accept a compromise solution that has been circulating for a few weeks, that of the limit of two mandates, yes, but in the same institution, the Parliament just doesn’t fit: ” I wouldn’t agree, the Movement has always made diversity its strength. ”

Just to try to safeguard it, there are those who propose to raise the bar: we raise the limit to three and not two, say the drafters, in the hope that keeping a limit can mitigate the disruptive effect. The weakness of the current leadership on the one hand slows down decisions, on the other it favors the preparation of the ground for the turning point. Rays and Hangers would be the forerunners, with a question about Rousseau specially sewn on them, to create the previous one. But to kick off the dances we prefer to wait for the General States, postponed until after the summer, probably well after the election day of the administration, so that the reverberation of a predictable meager result does not shake the already complicated discussion too much.

The passage of the network will be fundamental, and hides one of the main pitfalls in the turning path. Not the vote of activists, tending to accept the will that falls from above, but the opinion of Davide Casaleggio. The son of the co-founder is not a mystery that is contrary, also for the respect for one of the foundations of the father who, for better or for worse, have made the Movement one of the most characteristic political realities of the last decade. “Of course, because he is a wise man from afar but compared to two years ago he is no longer the center of power – explains a source of government – with a generation of novices he could win him back”. A fear that also hatches towards Giuseppe Conte. The premier obviously does not enter the pentastellato debate, but in the current leadership there is an increasingly marked impatience in his move towards the Democratic Party. Another unknown factor is Beppe Grillo. The founder has gotten used to spariglia, and his tweet still has a specific weight in there. This is why the temptation is not to drag the situation for long, focusing on the relationship that is not idyllic at the moment with Casaleggio jr. and his willingness to support choices that do not destabilize the Giallorossi alliance.

A climate of poisons and suspicions in which to move with extreme caution. Anyone attempting to escape forward could burn themselves on the altar of ostentatious orthodoxy. The decision was not taken, but must first of all mature and take root also in the parliamentary corpaccione, to avoid shaking. In the meantime, however, everyone is looking in that direction, that of the one who is worth at least three.

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