The 300 km / h Fiat Uno: the Lamborghini V12 under the hood. seized [Video] – News


Engine enthusiasts never cease to surprise us and truly unique technical experiments emerge from the world of the web. Directly from 2018, a Fiat Uno that you could never have imagined: from outside everything normal, but under the hood (do not ask us how) a V12 was mounted of a Lamborghini Diablo. That’s right, you got it right!

Insane speed for a Fiat Uno

The video on the cover shows how the mighty 6.0 liter V12 of the Casa di Sant’Agato Bolognese, which barely enters the engine compartment of the Fiat Uno. A decidedly complicated job operated by a group of enthusiasts Brazilians (judging from some images), but the result is excellent. The prototype is functional and also very fast. The Fiat Uno V12 has been tested on a road open to traffic and touched 300 km / h !! Too bad that the video then ended up in the hands of the authorities and the vehicle was then confiscated: click on the movie and watch how fast this totally meaningless vehicle speeds!

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