The 3 best current accounts for retirees


Italian pensioners who credit their monthly check with the bank should know the 3 current accounts that currently offer the best solutions. It must be taken into account that the account holder who receives the pension, in most cases, does not require complex operations. Having reached an advanced age, he does not need to carry out special banking transactions. Very often it limits itself to crediting the pension rate, to making withdrawals and to the domiciliation of domestic users.

Hence the need for an easy-to-use checking account that does not involve high management costs because these costs would be unjustified. In the previous article we analyzed “How to open an online bank account: Which one is the best and without expenses”. Now among the many to choose from, let’s analyze which could be the 3 best current accounts for retirees. To assess the convenience of one account over another in the case of retirees, only a few variables can be considered. On the other hand, we can leave aside the examination of current accounts which offer services and operating margins which are not useful to a pensioner.

The 3 best current accounts for retirees

The first of the current accounts that would respond very well to the needs of a pensioner is certainly that of the WeBank institute. Obviously it requires a minimum ability to access online services, however, it ensures very advantageous conditions. First of all, the absence of fixed fees for the fee and the possession of the cards, as well as the crediting of the pension allowance free of charge. You can even avoid paying 34, 20 euros for stamp duty if the average stock is less than 5000 euros. Even the receipt of wire transfers and the issue of online wire transfers take place without any charge.

Another current account convenient and suitable for the needs of retirees is that of the Illimity Bank, also online. Those who sign a contract with Illimity bank can benefit from a reduction in management costs for the first 12 months. Starting from the second year, however, the account holder is required to pay a monthly fee of 8.50 euros and can avoid stamp duty with deposits of less than 5000 euros. However, the advantage of the zero-expense account remains in the presence of crediting the pension and the domiciliation of two users.

Another convenient solution comes from the Quick Account that the Banca Popolare di Bari to Italian pensioners who surf the internet. For the first year there are no management fees and, similarly to the previous banking group, the zero cost is guaranteed beyond 12 months. This always if the account holder accredits the pension, signs a credit card or authorizes the domiciliation of domestic users. Otherwise, the Quick Account holder will be required to pay a monthly fee of 3 euros.

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