the 20 is played. Poised Italian Cup dates


Atalanta-Sassuolo will not be played on the 19th, will be played the next day and restart from Turin-Parma. Do you play the semifinals on the 12th?

It was a pretty busy day for the Football League. An official decision has been made, and the Football League has reiterated that the league games will start again from the 25th day. That, so to speak, in which Inter-Sampdoria would have had to play – if it hadn’t been postponed.

NOTHING 19 – In the evening the decision had arrived on the first race of the second half. There had been talk of Atalanta-Sassuolo. The date of June 19 decided in Lega Calcio would not have been liked by the government, they explain to Skysport and therefore they will return to play on June 20. The first race on the calendar will therefore be Turin-Parma. The matches are not indicated in the League’s official press release, only the date of the restart.

IN DOUBT THE SEMIFINALS – The date of 17 June has been made official in the League press release, it is the day chosen for the Italian Cup final. The dates of the semifinals remain in the balance: June 13-14 those scheduled, but the League has asked for a one-day advance. Thus, if the request were accepted, the Juve-Milan and Napoli-Inter semifinals would be played on 12 and 13 June. The answer will come later.

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