“That’s why so many infected people still struggle to heal”


Something in the virus SARS-CoV-2 seems to have changed. Professor Giuseppe Remuzzi, director of the Mario Negri Institute for Pharmacological Research, is convinced of this and in an interview with Corriere della Sera revealed: “Maybe we are facing one reduction of the viral load. This would be demonstrated by the drop in daily hospitalizations for Covid-19 in hospitals, which have gone from 80-120, “all with great breathing difficulties“, to zero.

Thus, it appears that the way the new coronavirus manifests itself has changed, possibly due to a change in viral load: “When it is very high, the disease is usually severe– explains Professor Remuzzi- Now it doesn’t happen anymore, not like before, at least. To the point that Italian studies on drugs to fight the virus are in difficulty because they are no longer sick“Now, the virus no longer reaches the lungs, where it has caused serious damage in the past months, but seems to stop in the upper respiratory tract, behavior that may depend”from a lower viral load“.

But what could have caused this change? According to the expert, the masks, combined with spacing and frequent hand washing “they are the first reason for this fading“. Another explanation, however, could be related to the fact that”at some point the epidemics run out“.

“The virus kills less“, adds Remuzzi, specifying however, that now there is”another kind of sick“. It’s about”infected people in the past who are also doing well, are treated at home, but have one on disease that has become persistent and unpredictable, which alternates respiratory symptoms with others such as bone fragility, loss of smell and flavors, feverish fluctuating states, and above all it seems to never end“. These patients do struggles to heal. It’s about people “at home for five months pending the negative outcome of the tamponand “, which are in a sort of” middle ground “: they are not hospitalized, but they cannot even be considered completely healed. And, the expert warns, the next challenge for the health authority “will be the management and assistance of this entire population“, of sick people at home:”This is what our ability to really start up will measure “.

on measures implemented in recent months, the professor states: “There are measures that I find unnecessary, such as gloves and sanitization, which only serves in hospitals. In other places, just wash the objects well, as you should always doand “. Likewise, mass buffering is also not considered necessary, because it is an exam that should be used for specific purposes,”such as the protection of health workers, the elderly in the RSA and people in continuous contact with the public“Remuzzi says he is also against the failure to reopen the schools: “Closing them immediately was a logical, common sense measure. But now there is no reason not to reopen them“.

Finally, on the use of drugs antivirals, Professor Remuzzi confirms: “Do not work. It is now proven. The speech on hydroxychloroquine was closed by the Lancet study on 96 thousand patients which showed important side effects not only on those who have heart rhythm anomalies“.

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