That’s who Pappalardo is, the leader of the orange vests who broke the anti-Covid rules


Carabiniere, trade unionist, general, parliamentarian, undersecretary, multiple candidate on his own in the elections, head of the population with the Forconi movement, the Tir revolt and now the orange vests: this is the profile of Antonio Pappalardo, leader of the movement that took to the streets today in several Italian cities. This morning, hundreds of protesters advanced their requests: the end of the Conte government and the start of a new national government, the election of a constituent assembly to approve a new electoral law and the minting of the Italian lira. To guide them, the 73-year-old with a past in the Armed Forces.

Who is Antonio Pappalardo

After having risen to the highest positions of the Armed Forces, Pappalardo decided to take the road of the square protest, always turned against the government in turn. Born in Palermo in 1946, son of a carabinieri brigadier, he joined theWeapon also obtaining a law degree. In 1981, as lieutenant colonel, he joined Cocer, the union of the Armed Forces of which he became president in 1991. In 2000, he recalls theAgi, becomes brigadier general. In the meantime he undertakes the political career and was elected in 1992 as an independent deputy on the PSDI lists. After founding his political movement, Democratic Solidarity, he ran unsuccessfully as Mayor of Pomezia in March 1993. Carlo Azeglio Ciampi appointed him Undersecretary of Finance in the first technical government in Republican history but his position was revoked after two weeks: the court military sentenced him to eight months in prison for defamation against the Commander-in-Chief of the Army.

Pappalardo does not intend, however, to renounce politics and yes candida in Rome and then at the European Championships in 1994, with little success. In 2006 he was the leader of the Forconi and in 2011 he was among the architects of the “Tir revolt” that paralyzed the Italian long-distance roads. Then a series of arrivals: he founded the movement of European People, he returned to the PSDI, he ran for mayor of Palermo, in 2016 he founded the Liberation Movement Italy that led in 2017 to Rome in a march called to ask for the dissolution of Parliament deemed “abusive “. His plan is simple: restore power to sovereign people.

In 2019 the return to the political scene. Pappalardo is in the square asking for help for the Apulian olive growers affected by the Xilella. And now the foundation of the Orange vestsborrowing the protest from the French Yellow Vests. The movement also presented itself in the regional elections in Umbria in 2019, with the former general of the carabinieri running for president, but it collected just 587 votes (equal to 0.13%).

Today the movement has taken to the streets throughout Italy creating many controversy. In Milan, the majority of participants, without the mask or with the mask lowered, did not respect the safety distances for the coronavirus emergency. After the harsh reaction of the mayor Beppe Sala, the police headquarters also intervened: the participants will be identified through the images and will be reported for violation of the decree on anticovid restrictions. General Pappalardo (left without mask) will also be reported in the next few hours. Meanwhile, the vests met at the national event on June 2 in Rome in Piazza del Popolo.

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