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There Federal Council decision to restart too Serie B and Lega Pro it is a step towards returning to the field. Everything happened in 24 hours. The Scientific Technical Committee has decided the green light for group training, immediately after the Minister of Sport Spadafora has set a date, the May 28, for the final go-ahead but it seemed like a decision limited to A league. The Federation has instead obtained that all football, with the exception of the amateurs, can restart by postponing the official closing of the season in August. This is a great political and personal success for the President of the FIGC Gabriele Gravina, which has this point fully deserves the nickname of Gravi-gol.

It was on first manager at institutional level to believe and fight for the recovery of football in Italy. Even in the most difficult moments between March and April when talking about football seemed absurd. He had to fight an external battle, at an institutional level (government laws) and an internal one against the various opponents of the restart. He never argued with anyone even in the most difficult moments. No clash with Spadafora (and this is already news), no controversy with the Dal Pino League (another unusual event), no recrimination for any unexpected and noisy exit from the President of the Cones Malagò.

In the end he succeeded in trying to checkmate friends and enemies and is preparing to restart the championships. Now they are all (footballers, clubs, sports and political institutions) on the corner. The season restarts, the championships end, the rankings will still have the comfort of the field. Of course it is not the football before Covid 19 but it is also a necessary signal for the country that has to start again.

Two aces that Gravina has put on the table. Six contagions do not go back it will be possible to restart and complete the Serie A (124 games) and Serie B (100 games) championships. If the coronavirus emergency returns, there will be i playoffs : solution already decided for the C Series.

At this point the clubs, all the clubs, even those less favorable to the restart, will have to agree that the regular end of the season is the lesser evil because the playoffs have too many “risky” variables.
Of course, if the health situation were to precipitate and a new stop in the championship were to come, the rankings would be frozen. It is a remote hypothesis also because the FIGC has decided that the championships can end until August 20.

Serious-goals must wait for the summit on May 28 with the government to cheer. But in the meantime he has already accomplished his prowess.

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