Tfue: “Fortnite is a game for kids who use the controller”, better Call of Duty: Warzone –


The pro player and streamer TFEU, whose real name is Turner Ellis Tenney, loves to end up at the center of controversies and debates that involve at the same time Fortnite Chapter 2 or the main video games of the moment. A new demonstration arrived just in the past few hours, when a good part of the community was attacked by a precise doubt: but does Tfue still play Fortnite?

In fact, Tfue has for some days stopped devoting himself to streaming and live videos that have Epic Games’ Battle Royale as their main object. But don’t worry: he hasn’t stopped playing Fortnite; simply, for the moment he prefers to devote himself to competition, that is to Call of Duty: Warzone. “No, I haven’t stopped with Fortnite, I just think the game is currently completely unbalanced, and I wanted to take a break.”

Danger escaped about his abandonment, but this is where Tfue decided to launch very precise arrows: towards Fortnite, towards Epic Games, and towards part of the players. It would not even be the first time: he had already declared that the game has nothing to do with eSport and the competitive world, for that matter.

Following the first changes for PC-assisted targeting (involving players active on PC but using console controllers) Tfue said: “people believed that assisted targeting would be nerfed! Fortnite is a game designed for kids who use a controller“.

Better Call of Duty: Warzone then, at least for the moment: Tfue has never denied appreciating Activision’s Battle Royale more than all the other similar genre titles launched on the market in the last two years. But what will become of his future on Fortnite Battaglia Reale? Soon to say: after all, all these declarations, choices and demonstrations could prove to be yet another “commercial move”. The world of streamers and pro players, moreover, also works in this way.

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