Tesla’s autopilot tortured for more than an hour: here is the result


Tesla’s Autopilot is going through a period of thick and close updates, which first added the recognition of traffic lights, then introduced the automatic braking in the event of a stop or red light, and finally fixed various visual animations relating to driving on the display onboard.

In short, the work on Tesla’s autonomous system is incessant, and now the owner of a Tesla Model 3 has decided to press it along wide and windy roads of North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Parkway. Travel lasted 79 minutes and has trodden nearly 74 kilometers of road.

“I have adjusted the maximum speed to adjust the situation based on the reduced visibility for fog, because if the Autopilot cannot guarantee to see far enough because of the speed it automatically deactivates. Anyway, lowering the speed the Autopilot has remained active. In addition to this, all steering, braking, acceleration, etc. they were made from the car and not by me. “

As you might notice yourself, the Autopilot has managed to overcome any challenge put in place by the poor visibility, the wind and the tortuosity of the journey but, for a curve too tight, driver intervention was required. Excellent, however, the fact that this happened only once, and with such a particular weather even humans would have many difficulties during the journey.

An excellent spot for the Californian car manufacturer, which has promised that by the end of this year it will release a million autonomous taxis on the streets of the United States of America. These vehicles, which rely on Autopilot, have been called “Robotaxi”, and will guarantee complete mobility even in city centers.

Meanwhile, Elon Musk, the company’s CEO, is busy with SpaceX in launching the Crew Dragon rocket after being postponed a few days ago due to bad weather. Tonight hopefully everything goes in the right direction: stay tuned for 21:22 Italian time.

Now we finally leave you to watch the eleven and a half minutes of video shown at the bottom of the page which, especially if you chew a little English, can be very interesting.

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