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The weather conditions in Florida have delayed the departure of Space X financed by Elon Musk, the patron of the American house of electric vehicles. But the space taxi program is now underway

The countdown to Cape Canaveral in Florida has begun to kick off what is considered the new space race by Elon Musk, the first private investor in history to collaborate with NASA. Space X’s Crew Dragon shuttle, the Hawthorne-based US aerospace company created in 2002 by Tesla’s magnate, will allow astronauts to fly from American soil for the first time after the Space Shuttle left the scene in 2011. Douglas Hurley and Robert Behnken got on the shuttle but the bad weather conditions made the final “go” slip on Saturday afternoon. But Mr. Tesla’s plan to conquer space has now definitely taken off.

The dream of “Mr. Tesla”

The Crew Dragon will leave for the International Space Station thanks to the help of the American Falcon 9 rocket, from the historic 39A launch complex, built for the Apollo missions and used for Space Shuttles. The program foresees that the two astronauts Hurley and Behnken will arrive, after about 19 hours of flight, on board the Space Station where they will find the other astronauts of Expedition 63, with whom they will share part of the mission. The duration of the mission will be decided later by NASA together with Space X based on the conditions of the shuttle and the progress of the preparations for the next Crew-1 mission, the first which can be considered truly operational. What the visionary Elon Musk had foreseen is becoming reality: a demonstration flight that turns into the real countdown towards the new cosmic El Dorado, and that of Mr Tesla could become the first big millionaire space taxi. A night that is therefore about to change man’s relationship with space, with an unprecedented economic impact thanks to the possible commercial exploitation of the low Earth orbit.

Unknown weather

Live broadcasting began on the NASA website, but weather forecasts for Cape Canaveral in Florida, with heavy rains and the risk of a tropical storm, recommended the shift on Saturday. The mission from the United States is seen as a sort of launching pad for the space race of President Donald Trump and Elon Musk and concretizes the #LaunchAmerica campaign promoted by NASA and strongly supported by the American president, who arrived at Kennedy a little while ago NASA’s Space Center together with his deputy Pence to attend the event that will also mark the end of the Russian monopoly in the transport of astronauts in space and which officially opens for private flight. Recall that in September, in Texas, Mr. Tesla had presented with a gigantic 50-meter prototype the future of the super rocket destined to bring man to the Moon: Starship. The new generation rocket being developed – which during the presentation was next to a SpaceX Falcon 1 rocket, the first vehicle put into orbit by the company – in the Space X plans is destined to bring hundreds of passengers to space destinations from the Moon to Mars.

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