Tesla price cut for Model S and Model X


Tesla has cut prices in Italy of its Model S and Model X. The changes to the list, in reality, are global and in America the Model 3 has also been discounted. There have been no official statements on the merit but it is reasonable to assume that the reason for this novelty is the will of the brand of try to stimulate the sales of his cars after the difficult months due to the lockdown. Specifically, both models about 5,000 euros were discounted. There is however a downside and that is to say free top-ups at Superchargers have been eliminated.

The Tesla Model S Long Range now costs 83,990 euros. Instead, 100.990 euros will be needed for the Performance version. Moving on to Model X, the new Long Range price is 89,900 euros. The Performance model costs 106,990 euros. To understand if this move will really allow to stimulate the sales of the flagship electric cars of the American brand.

No retouching, however, for the new Model Y. Tesla certainly does not need to support the purchases of its new electric SUV as it still has several back orders to dispose of.

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