Tesla Model Y: JerryRigEverything’s endurance test on snow and ice


In Europe and Italy the Tesla Model Y will arrive in over a year. The new American SUVin fact, it will debut in the Old Continent only when it can be produced inside the Gigafactory under construction in Germany. In the meantime, the American brand is pushing hard on this product to demonstrate its full potential.

Tesla sent the YouTuber JerryRigEverything, known above all for carrying out endurance tests on smartphones, to try the Model Y on the icy roads of Alaska where the brand puts its models to the test. The video made, not sponsored as the YouTuber wants to underline, is all to be seen also because it contains some truly spectacular driving sequences. However, what emerges is that the new American electric car has behaved well in these extreme situations.

For example, thanks to the traction on the 4 wheels, the SUV has succeeded easily overcome a steep slope with two wheels on the asphalt and two on the ice. During the test some details were noticed that show the attention with which this model was designed. For example, the retractable handles have been designed to be easily unlocked in case some snow accumulates inside them. Moreover, the charging hatch is heated. So there should be no problem opening it during the cold seasons.

All this shows how the Tesla Model Y was designed with customers in mind who want to use it in difficult environments and conditions.

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