Tesla Model 3 records a meteorite crash in Hawaii


We have shared several videos recorded by dashcam of various Tesla. Some have witnessed cases of road madness and others real free vandalism. This time, however, the on-board cameras of a Model 3 captured an absolutely singular event.

Of course, every year I am more than 6,100 meteorites to resist the impact with the Earth’s atmosphere and consequently to reach the Earth’s soil (about 17 a day), but much more rare is the probability that a TeslaCam is there to record while the fact happens.

It must also be said that with the passage of time, more and more Tesla are placed on the market, and therefore, as much as the Californian EVs on the market will be tens of millions, we can be sure that we will see more than one a day of absurd events. Not to mention the possibility that other car manufacturers may follow Tesla’s example in this sense, also giving their cars standard on-board cameras.

But now, going back to the heart of the news, we tell you that the information about the meteorite is very little, and if it hadn’t been for the InsideEVs guys, who contacted the one who posted the video on YouTube, we wouldn’t know practically nothing.

Here is the result of the request for more details:“At about 7:30 pm I parked my car in a residential area of ​​Kailua, Oahu, Hawaii. As soon as I got out of the car I noticed a star in the sky while it was getting bigger. I thought it might be an airplane approaching the nearby airport. Only later did I realize it was something else, and I felt my blood pressure rise. Video it doesn’t really show the size and brightness of the fireball, but you can get an idea, since even the small Tesla room has managed to record it.

As he approached I felt fear take over. The main reason for this is the fact that our island, being surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, would have been particularly exposed to a meteorite falling against it. Based on the size, of course, we could have suffered a mega-tsunami. “

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