Ternana, a month of Terni with the Heart


First assessment, by the Rossoverde society, of the activity of the newly formed association, between money allocated, food, initiatives and hiring.

The association Terni with the Heart is one month old. It was a month straight away very intense, among the initiatives related to the purpose of the new subject, chaired by Paolo Tagliavento and wanted by the president of Ternana Stefano Bandecchi to provide aid is economic supports to social categories weaker from Terni. right there Ternana football, from its official channels, provides i numbers of this first month of initiatives.

MONEY. The money allocated so far is of almost 100 thousand euros. 50 thousand they went to the project Beyond the blue, dedicated to families with dependent autistic children and developed in collaboration with the child neuropsychiatry department of the Terni hospital. Then, 25 thousand euros have been allocated in vouchers distributed to over 150 families in the area. Then there are 20 thousand euros donated to the association “Rebecca’s dream“, Born in aid of Rebecca Antonelli who is suffering from a rare disease for which she needs expensive treatment in the United States of America.

CONCRETE AID. To all this, they add more than 430 people help with the “good red green500 kilograms of bread distributed with parcels Interpan and also hiring four people by companies that have joined Terni with the Heart precisely to give an opportunity to those who have no job. An activity that was born and continues in the name of a slogan: “Among people and for people“.

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