Tennis, these are the words of Kyrgios


Tennis, Kyrgios speaks: his revelation

Nick Kyrgios, Australian tennis player, never misses a chance to get talked about even during quarantine.

Interviewed by Olè, he let himself go to one of his usual provocations a few days after the over the top chat with Andy Murray, in a direct Instagram in which he appeared visibly drunk and out of his mind. These are his words.

“I have sex with my fans”

“Since I was single I usually have sex with my fans every week. When I am dealing with girls from Eastern Europe, I would say “take half of my earnings” “

The anecdote about Federer

I was playing against Roger, when I felt incredibly attracted to a girl in the stands. At that moment I thought it was really a shame to stay on the field, I could call her and invite her to have a drink“.

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