Tenet: Christopher Nolan has broken one of the main traditions


With Tenet, Christopher Nolan broke one of the main traditions that he carried on from the beginning of his career.





Among the peculiarities of the mysterious Tenet, there is the choice of Christopher Nolan to have broken one of the main ones traditions. As anticipated, Tenet will upset all public expectations. For now, it has upset one of Nolan’s habits, given that for the first time the director has not shown the cast any film from which to draw inspiration.

Tenet: Robert Pattinson in a trailer scene

During an interview with Total Film, Christopher Nolan admitted that he did not show the cast, which includes the stars John David Washington, Robert Pattinson and Elizabeth Debicki, any film from which to draw inspiration by breaking a tradition that has been going on for years . Nolan admitted, in fact, that he avoided imposing on the cast the vision of James Bond films and the like since they are already widely rooted in popular culture.

“Curiously, this is one of those films for which I have not organized any projection in preparation” explained Christopher Nolan. “The reason is that I think the espionage genre is already in our DNA, so I wanted the actors to use memory to recall the feeling of that genre rather than specific models.”

Tenet: does the protagonist trigger the Third World War and go back in time to stop himself?

The director admits: “This is the longest period of my life I spend without watching a James Bond movie. My love for the espionage genre comes from the Bond franchise, and from the James Bond character specifically. I have it in my blood, I don’t need to relate the films, I just have to put my memories of the adolescence of the saga back in touch with an idea of ​​freshness and novelty. I wanted to bring these stories to a place so far unexplored, this is the reason why nobody has been so far able to make his own version of James Bond. It doesn’t work and it’s not what I tried to do. Tenet is my attempt to re-propose the emotions and excitement that I felt when I was a kid. “

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