Tempestilli, Rome fury: “Badly sent away after 33 years”


ROME – Antonio Tempestilli, former manager of the Rome, was introduced today as the new head of the youth sector of the Reggina. Tempestilli did not spare any gibe a Rome, as his farewell matured after over thirty years of service.

Tempestilli: I bring Rome to court

How did you leave with Roma?
“Half of my life I spent there giving all of myself, maybe I gave Rome more than my family. In life everything starts and ends. There are ways and ways to end a relationship. They sent me away badly. When two people do not have the same vision, we say goodbye and thank each other and after 33 years I have not received this from the club and this is the thing that has bothered me and that has embittered me. he can think of anything, that I have been sent away, that I have stolen, that he has done who knows what. All this has not happened. I have no skeleton inside the closet and I can look everyone in the face without looking down. This it makes me strong. I told President Gallo that he is telling me something that is not going well, I am going away. respect, but it must be mutual. “

Rome, the tactical change is needed. In the championship use 22 different formations!

What do you find at Reggina?
“The sports center is enviable. There is regret: this club has brought out Perrotta, Cozza, Missiroli. Here we have to start again to re-seed and re-establish relations with amateur clubs. We are called Reggina and we must attract the strongest young players who they can be useful to this club. It would be great to see a youngster wearing a sash. Totti’s story would be a dream here. “

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