Telegram, the Reactions to messages are coming: what they are


An image published on Twitter by WaBetaInfo was enough to unleash the imagination of users: on Telegram are coming Reaction to messages. For the uninitiated, the Reactions are emoticons to be used to show appreciation or disdain on a specific message that we have received. To understand a what they serve just think of the Reactions on Facebook or Skype, with which a user, without replying directly to the message, shows his reaction.

Longtime users of Telegram and WhatsApp require the two messaging apps to implement this feature and from the latest rumors it seems that the Russian messaging application is further in development. In fact, so far no rumors have arrived that WhatsApp is working on a similar tool. The Telegram developers in recent years they have proven to be always a bit more pro-active, implementing first the functions that then also arrived on WhatsApp.

What are the Reactions on Telegram

The WaBetaInfo guys, usually always very informed about the new WhatsApp functions, this time announce a novelty for Telegram: the Reactions to the messages arrive. These are emoticons that show our mood compared to a single message. From the image published by WaBetaInfo, initially the Available reactions will all focus on the heart. There will be the “beating heart” to show affection, the “broken heart” when we don’t like the message and so on.

How Reactions work on Telegram

It is not yet very clear the functioning of the Reactions on Telegram, but we can imagine that the use is very simple: just select the message and the emoticons will appear on the screen. By selecting one of the smiley faces, the emoticon will appear with the reaction next to the messages.

The user who wrote the message, on the other hand, will receive a notification informing him of the presence of a Reaction and will be able to check who has entered it.

When the Reactions arrive on Telegram

Difficult to make predictions: the function is still in the development phase and before seeing it in the stable version of the app you will have to wait a little longer. WaBetaInfo ensures that it will come released a server-side update in the coming months.

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