Technics turns 55 and celebrates with a Special Edition of the SL-1210


In 1965 the
Technics brand, audio specialist and immediately among the most
important and sold in the sector. The first product, called precisely
1, it was a speaker that amazed at the low range extension
despite the relatively small size; then the era began
of the electronics in the pre + final version and shortly after the huge one
success of the SL-1200 turntable, which remained in production for over 40
years and recently brought back to life in a more modern edition ed
updated but with the same spirit.

After 55 years of success
Technics celebrates with one special edition of the turntable a
direct drive SL-1210GAE,
characterized by the color completely
black e equipped with a Nagaoka head specially designed for
the occasion. The SL-1210 GAE turntable will be produced in edition
numbered and 700 copies are destined for the European market.
We remember that Nagaoka, founded in 1940, is one of the most important
and historical Japanese manufacturers of turntable heads
and remains
still one of the most appreciated brands by many audiophiles
generations. In detail, the JT-1210 head is a magnet model
mobile with boron cantilever, specially designed in
collaboration with Technics to provide the best performance in
matching with the arm mounted on the SL-1210GAE. The Nagaoka head is
the first model of a new series that will be launched during the course
of the year to celebrate the brand’s 80th anniversary

But there are others
improvements to the special edition of the turntable, like a plate of
brushed aluminum 10 mm thick, inserted in the structure
the appliance as a top finish, so as to make it even more
heavier, stiffer and insensitive to vibrations.

In the structure
a special material has been inserted in the support feet
damping called alphaGEL which can minimize any vibration
harmful to sound quality, the material joins a solid one
die-cast zinc structure for long life. Other
detail for speed control strobe light, now
excludable when not in use. The Special Edition of the SL-1210
GAE will be available to order from June with a price of
price list of just under € 5,000

Together with the edition
the turntable special arrives an absolute novelty: the first
integrated amplifier of the Reference series, the SU-R1000
it becomes the most accessible point, relatively speaking, on Olympus
from the top Technics range. The new device takes up the concepts
of the first Technics amps and technology introduced a few
years ago when the brand was relaunched. In addition to the classic Vu
meters indicating the output power, we find the circuits
exclusive Jeno and LAPC
already applied in the pre and final of the series e
some special features, such as the balanced input for a turntable
with the phono stage ready for MM and MC heads. The circuit
phono uses digital technology to obtain maximum precision
equalization, a disc is also supplied
special to allow customized calibration for each head,
going to check the frequency response and any
level inaccuracies between the two channels.

Other news
in the power supply with a special switching circuit a
low noise and in the amplifier distortion control
final power. In detail, the ADCT circuit (Active Distorsion
Canceling Technology) is able to eliminate distortions
caused by voltage drops in the power supply and not perfect
linearity in the response of the speakers. On the front panel a
a touch of modernity is given by the small display that indicates the entrance
selected, including digital and USB-B. The amplifier is
still in development
and no further information has been provided
information, the new appliance should be available at
end of year.

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