Teacher recruitment from extraordinary secondary competition after GaE and competitions 2016 and 2018. In how many years


How will the role entries for the teachers of the extraordinary secondary competition work? At the moment the announcement has been published in the Official Journal, and the submission of applications starts from May 28th.

In the meantime, however, we await the outcome of any changes introduced in the DL School under discussion in these days, to be approved by June 7th. The next week should pass both in the Senate and in the Chamber.

How the entries will take place as part of the extraordinary competition

Entries in an extraordinary secondary competition role are governed by art. 1 paragraph 4 of Legislative Decree 126/2019 converted into law 20 December 2019 n. 159:

art. 1 paragraph 4 “Annually, completion of the entry into the role, for the secondary school, of the candidates enrolled in the exhaustion rankings and in the merit rankings of the teacher competitions announced in the years 2016 and 2018, for the respective quotas, and the confluence of any residual quota of exhaustion rankings in the quota allocated
the competitions, the entry into the role of the extraordinary procedure and the ordinary competition referred to in paragraph 1 are respectively destined for 50 per cent of the places so residual, up to 24,000 places for the extraordinary procedure. Any odd place is intended for the ordinary bankruptcy procedure.

Therefore, the immissions in the role also for the summer of 2020 will take place with the formula of 50% at Gae and 50% at competitions.

The share of the competitions

However, the 50% share of the competitions must be clarified.

It is primarily for the 2016 competition. Net of the places covered with the rankings of the ordinary competitions launched in 2016, 80% of the remaining places are available for the 2020/21 school year in the 2018 secondary competition (DDG 1 February 2018). .

After this phase, for the secondary school, we move on to the recruitment from the 2020 extraordinary competition.

The extraordinary competition is entitled to 50% of the places remaining from the previous phase, up to the time of covering the entire ranking over the years (24,000 places already banned + 8,000 included in the Relaunch Decree). Any odd place is intended for the ordinary bankruptcy procedure.

Recruitment summary for secondary school 2020/21

  • 50% GaE and 50% competitions
  • 50% of the competitions: once the rankings of the 2016 competitions are exhausted, the share of the competitions is divided as follows: 80% to the 2018 extraordinary competition and 20% to the ordinary and extraordinary competitions launched on April 28, 2020.

Since for the 2020/21 school year there will be no ready-made ordinary competition rankings, all 20% can be allocated to the extraordinary competition, if the relative rankings will be established in time for entries in the role or in any case with legal backdating to 1 September, if so arranged.

Fast call and additional ranking

Quick call and additional ranking for hiring in another province and / or region, will start after the ordinary hiring procedures [l’assunzione dei docenti del concorso straordinario rientra tra le procedure ordinarie] and will be regulated by special ministerial decrees.

In how many years the hires from extraordinary competition

Law 159/2019 had scheduled three years, but in any case the rankings will become exhausted.

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