Teacher card, 300 euros for temporary workers. But many are disappointed: “A contentino or a consolation prize?”


As we reported earlier, the amendment that approved the extension of the teacher’s card to precarious teachers was approved by the Senate Culture and Education Commission.

Pending approval in the Senate Chamber, we have collected some comments from teachers with a fixed-term contract on the bonus intended for training and updating.

Negative reactions stand out: “The bun for the precarious workers has arrived; they know that in September they will need it for Dad and cleverly make the teaching paper available to them too. Instead, they want to make a competition for the recruitment and entry to the role, which they further complicated with a minister who does not listen to anyone …“; “What great news! While the Italian school is sinking we will raise the arm with the teacher card and wave it“; “We only € 300 … give us the discount“; “But what kind … precarious remain precarious …. but!“”But don’t we work like tenures? Why only 300 euros?“; “Do they not allow us to be hired in September and for consolation do they get 300 euros out of the cylinder? What is the consolation prize?

ICOTEA_19_dentro article

La Tecnica della Scuola is a training institution recognized by the Ministry. (OUR COURSES)

From the comments reported and many others on our social channels, it is understood that the precarious workers have not digested the agreement on the extraordinary competition at all, which in fact, for the next school year, will not foresee the stabilization of the precarious work as initially expected.

Not to mention that the precarious teachers engaged in distance teaching to date have already used their resources to carry on the online teaching activity. So the bonus will likely come too late from their point of view.

Amendment 2,103

De Petris, Errani, Grasso, Laforgia, Nugnes, Fattori

After paragraph 6 add the following:

“6-BIS) The provision referred to in Article 1, paragraph 123 of Law No. 107 of 13 July 2015 increased by € 40 million for the year 2020 only.

6-ter) The resources referred to in paragraph 6-BIS) are intended to establish the electronic card to support the updating and training of the teacher of educational institutions of all levels and degrees, who has a fixed-term contract with a final term not earlier than 30 June 2020. The Card, of the amount nominal of € 300 per year, can be used for the purchase of books and texts, also in digital format, of publications and magazines which are in any case useful for professional updating, for the purchase of hardware is software. The sum referred to in the Charter does not constitute accessory remuneration or taxable income. The charges deriving from paragraph 6-BIS), up to a maximum of 40 million euros, is provided by means of a corresponding reduction of the resources of the resources of the Fund for the indifferent needs, referred to in article 1, paragraph 200, of the law of 23 December 2014, n. 190. “

Consequently, in Article 8, paragraph 2, after the words. “public finance charges » add words: «Except as provided for in paragraphs 6-BIS and 6-ter of Article 2 “.

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