Taylor Swift to Trump, We Will Send You Away – Last Hour


(ANSA) – NEW YORK, MAY 29 – ‘We will send you away in November’. IS’
peremptory Taylor Swift in a social media post against
Trump. To unleash the anger of the pop star a recent tweet from the
president against demonstrations degenerated into violence a
Minneapolis for the death of George Floyd. “When i start
looting, the shooting begins “- he wrote on Twitter,
thus inciting violence. It is no coincidence that Twitter itself is
I ran for cover by censoring the post.

“After fueling the fire with white supremacy and the
racism for the duration of your presidency – continue
Taylor Swift – you have the nerve to pretend moral superiority
before threatening violence? “. In a previous post he had
wrote that he would do anything not to do it
reelect. The singer has 86 million followers on Twitter.


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