Tax, folders suspended until August, but 59% of taxpayers have already paid



Payment of the installments continued despite the lockdown and suspension

Tax, when it is allowed not to pay taxes due to Covid

Payment of the installments continued despite the lockdown and suspension

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Despite the lockdown and the lack of liquidity, citizens and businesses have however chosen to honor their debts with the tax authorities (and not only). Even 59% of taxpayers (translated into absolute value almost 500 thousand out of just under 841 thousand who had an extension plan in progress between January and February) continued to regularly pay the installments of the folders with the Revenue-Collection agency in April despite being the suspension is in progress, which the relaunch decree extended until 31 August.

High “loyalty” in Sardinia, Veneto and Lazio

At the regional level, the highest percentages of “loyalty” to the maturities of the former Equitalia were recorded in Sardinia, Veneto (63% paid both) and Lazio (62%). If you go further into detail and look at the provinces, the taxpayers from Cagliari to have fulfilled their duties were even 65% (8,320 out of 12,760 who were paying in the first two months of the year). Beyond the 60% threshold there are also Rome (63%), Turin (62%), Trento and Venice (in both cases 61% was reached).

The possibility of mentioning the financial administration

In addition to the reflection of not having to face a concentrated load of suspended tax deadlines, the possibility of the mention of the financial administration provided for by the Dl cura Italia (article 71) which, once made operational by the implementing provision, may have enticed taxpayers of the MEF, may also be used by taxpayers for commercial and advertising purposes.


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6.7 million folders suspended

Overall, however, Agenzia delle Entrate-Riscossione calculates that almost 6.7 million files have been suspended for the coronavirus emergency. The largest number is in Lazio with 1.71 million.

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