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20% of the personal income tax paid by Italian taxpayers goes to finance health care, 21% social security, 11% education and 8.9% defense, public order and security.

A service function returns with the pre-filled 2020 declaration that allows you to verify in detail how each has contributed to the state’s expenses and which was commissioned by the director of the Revenue Agency Ernesto Maria Ruffini to feed the relationship of transparency and collaboration between citizens and Financial administration.

Taxpayers who submit the pre-filled tax return can use it – explains a note from the Agency – but also those who will access their ‘fiscal drawer’.

The Revenue Agency explains how to use this new function which has been loaded on the system.

How to access data – Taxpayers who will use the 2020 Pre-filed Declaration, and who have filed a tax return in the previous year, will display, at the opening of the application, an information prospectus (graph and table) on the destination of taxes to the various expenditure items. The information will also be made available on the Tax Drawer. The system will calculate for each taxpayer how the Irpef paid is “split” in the various public sectors.

From pensions to health care where all the taxes we pay go – About 21% of the taxes paid by Irpef taxpayers go to finance pensions, while 20% go to health care. Education ranks third, to which we direct 11% of the taxes paid. Afterwards, 8.9% of the amount paid is directed towards supporting defense, public order and security, while 6.09% has the objective of supporting the economy and work. And again, 4.8% to transport, 2.4% to environmental protection and 2.2% to culture and sport.

The source of the data – For the identification of the items of expenditure, in agreement with the State General Accounting Office, reference was made to the COFOG classification (Classification of the Functions of Government) which records the expenses regardless of whether they refer to chapters that refer to the State Budget or to the budgets of the Regions or Local Authorities.

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