Tarro: “Coronavirus is shutting down. Asymptomatics are not contagious”


NAPLES – “A study on PubMed has recently been published, which reports an experiment carried out: a subject, positive for Coronavirus but asymptomatic, he came into contact with 455 healthy people. Well, none of them contracted the virus. So the asymptomatic is not infectious to others“This is what he says Giulio Tarro, famous doctor and virologist, in an interview granted to the Nenni Foundation. “Is the heat our ally? Yes. I’ve said it many times – continues the researcher from Messina – and I will never tire of repeating it. Besides, we are seeing it these days. There are people who try to refute this evidence by taking as an example what is happening in Brazil or other similar areas. I would like to remind them that on the other side of the equator line the seasons are opposite to ours: we are in spring / summer; there, however, they are in autumn / winter. “

Tarro: “Tampons favor infections”

On the serological investigation started a few days ago: “We are now at the end of May and, in all honesty, done now I do not see what advantage can be drawn from it. I would have done it at least a month and a half ago, when the contagion curve was still considerably high. What dr. Pasquale Bacco with his study, which found that in the last half year, on a sample of over 7000 sera, there was 35% IgG positivity for Sars CoV2. We have based everything on tampons, which are not only unreliable, but as the Washington Post said in a recent article, it would even seem that they have favored the infection, at least in some cases“.

Tarro: “The contagion curve drops every day”

On the course of the infected: “First, let’s start by saying that there are few infected. So much so that the contagion curve drops more every day. And it will continue like this until we reach the day when the R0 value will be zero and therefore we can say that this story will be over for us. To this we add that nobody arrives in intensive care for Sars CoV2. This is because it has also been understood that in the worst cases the lungs are not affected by interstitial pneumonia, but by thromboembolism that are treated with low-dose heparin in extreme cases. Not to mention pharmacological treatments: in addition to serotherapy, there is the use of hydroxychloroquine, which is also a fluidifier“.

Tarro: “Don’t worry, no psychosis”

Sui droplet (the droplets responsible for the transmission): “Nyou cannot make a speech in the abstract. Everything must always be circumscribed, otherwise false information is given. Droplets are a transmission element of the infection. But we must distinguish from case to case. For example, for those who sneeze or cough, it is clear that these droplets can spread for about a meter. But if we consider the case of people who talk normally, at a distance of about 20 cm – as is written in every microbiology manual – no type of contagion occurs. Then we must also consider the viral load: in the moments when it is at its maximum, then more caution is needed. But now that Sars CoV2 no longer has this powerful charge, you can be calm and not abandon yourself to psychosis which, honestly, I believe have no reason to exist“.


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