Taranto, 13 years old, goes to hospital after falling and tests positive for Coronavirus


TARANTO – Zero new infections, yesterday’s regional epidemiological bulletin continues to comfort even though in all probability tomorrow it could report the positive suspect case registered yesterday at the SS. Annunziata where, applying the protocols that provide for the execution of the swab in case of hospitalization, some cases of positivity may emerge in completely asymptomatic subjects. What, in fact, occurred yesterday. Undergoing a swab, a boy hospitalized for an orthopedic problem that required surgery, was positive suspect. After the intervention was performed safely, the young patient was transferred to bio-containment at the Moscati infectious diseases department. The full-blown case consequently triggered the foreseen verification procedures also between the contacts the boy had.

Smaller numbers. The Covid-19 report prepared by the Department of Epidemiological Statistics also confirms this. Of the 280 cases registered since the beginning of the epidemic, the currently positive are 57 (about twenty less than the previous week), of which 7 hospitalized and 50 in home isolation. Of the 57 currently positive, 61.40% are asymptomatic, 5.26% fear-symptomatic, 21.05% show mild symptoms, 3.51% are in a critical state, 8.77% in a severe state. 31 (20 men, 11 females) are currently dead.

The virus would therefore seem to lose strength. But Giovanni Buccoliero, director of Moscati’s Infectious Diseases, where the hub covid is concentrated today (yesterday 6 hospitalized covid), thinks rather like this: “I would say that the virus is less capable of infecting it. Yes, it loses strength in relation to its ability to infect ». With respect to the ongoing debate at national level on the mutations of the virus or not, the Tarantino specialist adds: “Only those who work in virology laboratories and make viral cultures can say if there are mutations. At the level of current scientific literature, I do not seem to find that different strains have been isolated from the initial one. They will have isolated some mutated strains, but to say that it is a different virus, which does not have the aggressive capacity it had before, it takes. ”
“The certainty is this: at present, the work done with the isolation of patients, the preventive work that allowed to intercept suspicious cases and their close contacts, the sense of responsibility of the people, have allowed to slow down the spread of the virus. It is as if the epidemic had been spread and this means having had fewer and fewer cases and fewer serious cases. ” In short, are there fewer viruses circulating today? «Yes – replies Buccoliero -, but we must maintain a prudent attitude. We will continue to have isolated cases. The rigid paths in the hospital environment, in access to the RSA, our vigilance in compliance with the indications given, will allow us to intervene early anyway ».

Among the possible new cases, more and more asymptomatic? «Yes, with very low possibility of passing on to others. And, with the addition of precautions to protect us, the virus will reduce significantly until the contagion is exhausted. Maximum attention therefore, but without being afraid. The only weapon we have is to protect ourselves by avoiding the gatherings because they represent a risk. Life must resume and continue. Just avoid the confusion and use caution, without trusting that the virus will disarm itself. We continue to do what we know how to do ».

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