Tacconi and Tardelli, that Liverpool-Juve at Heysel 35 years later


TORINO – “ISit was a special day “. So the former goalkeeper of the Juventus, Stefano Tacconi, recalling the tragedy of Heysel 35 years ago. “It is fair to remember the 39 dead – explains the former black and white extreme to the microphones of Tg2 Post – After many sacrifices made to attend a football game, you cannot go back to your loved ones in a coffin. We were aware that we shouldn’t play, but they forced us“.

Heysel, the memory of Tardelli

The Heysel tragedy is a very sad story“are instead the words of the former Juventus midfielder, Marco Tardelli, returning to the 39 dead of that tragic Champions Cup final in Brussels against Liverpool which occurred 35 years ago. “It all started well – underlines Tardelli at the microphones of Tg2 Post – Everything started well, then there were the scuffles: in the locker room we did not know what the problem was, we tried to calm Juventus fans and they managed to calm down. The game was not to be played, we finished it with great sadness. I never considered it a victory but a defeat of football, one of the blackest pages of my career“.

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