suspected spread in meat eaters? Scientists speak – Libero Quotidiano


Too many cases of coronavirus inside slaughterhouses and experts are asked the question whether, for those who eat meat, there is a greater risk of contracting Covid-19. In Bari, 70 employees of a meat processing company tested positive. Much higher result in the other states: in Germany a thousand were infected, in France more than a hundred, and in the United States even 5 thousand employees from 180 production plants. Same goes for Australia, Spain, Ireland. An alarm, however, that scientists deny because cooking food – as Il Messaggero explains – eliminates any virus, and there is no scientific evidence of a possible resistance of viral agents on surfaces.

Yet even among experts there are those who believe that slaughterhouses are not a coincidence. Here, for some, the infection is favored by a closed, humid and low temperature environment. Others believe that the vehicle for spreading the covid may be the rooms where employees change and wash themselves, even there at close range and above all without protection.

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