Surprise: tourists return to Florence. “What a thrill to see the city like this” – Chronicle


Florence, 31 May 2020 – Tourists … next door. «What better opportunity than this one for visit Florence with few people? ». Here, driven by the curiosity to take photos in this unprecedented glimpse of spring orphaned by the traditional hordes of tourists, families and couples from “outside the city”, they poured into the shade of the Cupolone.

Curious postcard that taken yesterday afternoon through the streets of the center, finally much less deserted than usual. Long line in front of the Duomo, a couple in a carriage for the traditional horse tour, little families taking selfies with the Duomo, Palazzo Vecchio and the lungarni in the background. Simone and Giovanna Bartali arrive from Volterra with their children: Lorenzo, Caterina and Chiara.

We meet them in Piazza Duomo. “When does a Florence like this happen again?” “We came from morning to evening – the parents say -. We wanted to show children the city without too much crowd. Walking quietly is pleasant, but it is effective to see the closed Uffizi and the Old Bridge with the jewelers barred ».

Do you feel like shopping? «The bare minimum – Dad puts his hands forward -. They are among the lucky ones who have practically not stopped working, but the times are what they are. We had lunch at the Antico Vinaio and now we make the classic tour of the center. There are many closed bars … too bad. Also Volterra, in small, lives the same situation ».

Instead he remained here due to the lockdown “and now he enjoys the city as a tourist” Stefano Vitali, of Pavia. “I had come to visit his girlfriend and I was stuck here,” he says, hugging his Elena Grassano, from Piedmont, but in Florence for a while on business.

“It didn’t go badly at all,” smiles the young man. Lots of Florentines lined up to enter the Duomo. Attendance record, with over 27 thousand people visiting the cathedral. The Opera di Santa Maria del Fiore reopened its monuments free of charge to the public for the first ten days, to give a signal of hope after the difficult period of Covid-19, and it was a great success immediately. Finally the ice cream parlors start working again and there is a good movement in the shops too. For children, a jump from Disney Store is inevitable.

“I had to get my end of school gift,” smiles Anna, who arrived with her sister Alice and the parents Marianna and Luca, from Arezzo. «We haven’t been here for a year – says Luca -. The semi-empty city has its charm, but it also brings a little sadness. ” «I had never seen Florence like this – Giulia sighs, coming from Poggio a Caiano with her husband and four children -. It is impressive to walk around the center of this period without having to make your way through the crowd. We were pleased to taste this unusual Florence, but we hope to see it again as we are used to admiring it ».

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