Support teachers at home, for students unable to attend. Approved in the school decree



Among the amendments that have been accepted and that are now part of the text of the school decree that was presented to the Chamber after approval by the Senate.

Article 7c was inserted in the text, which reads: 7-quater.

Until the end of the 2020/2021 school year, in the context of the actions identified by the educational institutions, in collaboration with the regional school office, local authorities and local health companies, to guarantee the right to education for girls and children, pupils, pupils and students for whom the impossibility of school attendance as per article 16 of the legislative decree of 13 April 2017, no. 66, home-based home schooling activities can be scheduled with reference to the provisions of the individualized educational plan, at the home of the pupil, if families request it and use contextual conditions suitable for reconciling the right to education of the child. student in home education with the use of staff already in service at the school, also in compliance with the appropriate measures to guarantee safety in the workplace, pending the issue of the ministerial decree referred to in Article 16, paragraph 2-bis of Legislative Decree 13 April 2017, n. 66, ensuring all the provisions of the provisions relating to the fight against the spread of the COVID epidemic19.

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