Supermarkets price increases Antitrust investigates several chains


Antitrust investigation into the supermarkets affair increases prices. The Authority is examining a possible case of speculation from different chains after various reports.

Supermarkets raise prices
Supermarket situation price increases Photos from the web

There is an investigation ordered by theAntitrust towards several supermarket chains. In particular, the names involved include Conad, Carrefour, Coop and MD. For all of them and for the other subjects, there is a hypothesis of having simultaneously increased the prices of the proposed goods.

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All while Italy was in full emergency due to the pandemic. The Authority believes that there has been speculation based on a real cartel. All to the total detriment of consumers and especially of customers who belong to the weaker social categories. In fact, the increase in prices found would also have involved the goods deemed essential. Above all, various foods, whose price increases increase on average between 10 and 50 euro cents compared to the period before the outbreak of the epidemic.

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Supermarkets raise prices, the names involved

Below are all the names that would be involved in this Antitrust investigation

  • Carrefour
  • MD
  • Lidl
  • Conad (Conad Sicilia, Conad north-west, Coop Firenze, Coop Tirreno, Coop centro-Italia and Coop Liguria).

However, the stores in the red areas would be excluded. Regarding this controversial supermarkets increase in prices, said the CEO of Conad, Francesco Pugliese. Tecnoandroid reports his words: “The Italians have remained closed at home for months because of a need that we all know. This resulted in a change in the way people shop and shop. There is an increase in prepackaged foods at the expense of those packaged at the moment. And this would have provided “the perception of spending more on the same product”.

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Altroconsumo reports numerous consumer reports

Furthermore, there would have been a strengthening of what are the food supplies of the shops. Explanations that, however, do not seem to convince the Antitrust at all. Which is carrying out an investigation even after receiving thousands and thousands of consumer reports. Altroconsumo also supports the Antitrust Authority. The issue had already been reported in the online edition of Corriere della Sera on May 7.

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