Super Nintendo World, the theme park is shown in full in an aerial photo –


Super Nintendo World it is not yet officially open but we can finally have a more precise overall idea of ​​what it is thanks to this aerial photo taken at Nintendo theme park before its opening, still nearing completion.

The photo in question refers to the Super Nintendo World in preparation at the Universal Studios Japan, perhaps taken with a drone: the elevated point of view allows you to overcome the high protective wall and see a little what it is: apparently it is a piece of theme park very concentrated and rich in elements, as is visible looking at the enlarged photo.

The first impression is that it is an area in truth not very large, but the prospect can also be deceiving: in fact, taking into consideration the cars placed outside the area you can see how it is actually a medium-sized park but what is most surprising is the amount of elements and structures that make it up.

In a not particularly large space we find one amount of attractions and various structures truly impressive, so as not to seem to leave enough space between one and the other, which suggests a considerable crowding that may occur and consequent likely queues to be able to enter inside.

The characteristic elements of the world of Super Mario they are clearly visible and substantially the whole park is structured on these: green pipes, colored bocchi, the castle of Peach, mushrooms and turtles are recurring within the area, together with other structures. The park is also raised with an underlying building whose function is not clear, which could be a sort of warehouse or part of the area that can be visited.

In January it was confirmed that Nintendo’s amusement park is also arriving in the USA and shortly before Super Nintendo World had been presented with an official trailer.

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