Super Mario 64 on PC with textures and 3D models improved through mod, it shows itself in video –


Super Mario 64 for PC continues its evolution, despite its existence being somewhat precarious, with some improvements applied to graphics through mod especially regarding textures and 3D models, whose evolutions are particularly visible with the video comparison visible above.

The project in question is a sort of unofficial port of Super Mario 64 for PC in the environment DirectX 12, able to exploit the current technological power and put it at the service of the game, which has remained substantially intact since the Nintendo 64 era.

The difference is obviously all in graphics, although the style and level design is substantially the same as the original, being based on the same code. In particular, the port takes advantage of much higher definition textures, reaching up to 4K, and new 3D models, especially as regards Mario himself, derived from his more modern incarnations in subsequent games.

The latter evolutions are obtained through mods: one in particular expands visual distance, allowing you to better see structures, characters and details in the distance and eliminating the pop-in of polygons.

Another mod introduces the high quality version of Mario, with an improved 3D model and more in line with the current appearance of the character in modern games. Finally, there are various texture packs that allow you to get improvements on the texture front High Definition.

Super Mario 64 on PC is an amateur conversion that brings the game to 4K on DirectX 12, which however has immediately put Nintendo on a war footing, with the company that seems willing to bring the project down with legal proceedings.

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