Suicidal death, now 130 people say they are his children (to have the millionaire legacy)


One hundred and thirty people claim to be children of Jeffrey Epstein, the finance tycoon who committed suicide at 66 in a New York prison in August last year. According to what reported by New York Post, a Florida law firm set out to search for Epstein’s possible heirs and at that point would have been contacted by over 380 people around the world. Of these people, 130 claim to be his children.

At stake is a $ 634 million estate of the financial tycoon, arrested among other things for sexual abuse and international trafficking of children before he dies suicide in prison. According to reports in the American media, anyone who claims to be his heir must undergo a DNA test in the United States.

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The American financier Jeffrey Epstein, arrested on July 6th, had been found lifeless in his cell on the morning of August 10, 2019. Epstein ended up in handcuffs on charges of child trafficking and abuse in his Upper East Side villas in New York and in Palm Beach, Florida. The financier, pending trial, had committed suicide by hanging himself in the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan, New York, where he was detained. Three weeks earlier he had tried to commit suicide. Since last July 23 he was under surveillance precisely to avoid further suicide attempts.

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