Stray dogs, 35 associations “to unlock sterilization funds” – Sardinia


                          <h2 class="news-stit">Appeal to President Solinas to restart calls</h2>
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                      <p>Immediately restart the sterilization of dogs and cats to counteract the stray phenomenon. 35 associations that deal with pets and that are signatories of a unitary appeal to the governor Christian Solinas ask the Region to unlock the extraordinary plan of incentives for the sterilization of pets by the regional law 48 of 2018.

“Sardinia is experiencing a serious stray situation, deriving largely from the vagantism of owner dogs, the reproduction of which, especially in pastoral environments, is often uncontrolled – the associations explain – To limit the unplanned reproduction of pets and the proliferation of stray animals resulting from it, the Region in 2017 launched an extraordinary incentive plan for sterilization.

The plan, carried out in close collaboration with animal welfare associations and with the direct involvement of veterinary professionals, has so far ensured the sterilization of about five hundred female dogs at risk of uncontrolled reproduction – they observe – To date, however, the repeated appeal remains unanswered Third Sector entities that are still waiting for the publication of the notices so that the sterilizations can start again “.

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