“Strange, tune was back”, I suspect on the ambush of Italia Viva – Libero Quotidiano


Giuseppe Conte should know by now: Matteo Renzi is the king of the wrecker and also yesterday, Tuesday 26 May, he gave proof of this. Italia Viva has in fact deserted the vote in the bargain for immunities on the Open Arms case for which Matteo Salvini is accused of kidnapping. All helping, in fact, the leader of the League. A move that created a lot of amazement at Palazzo Chigi, “also because – the prime minister explains to his collaborators – with Renzi it is a moment of total harmony”.

Only in the evening – says La Stampa – does Conte’s staff say that Renzi and his companions have clarified their motivations. In reality it is not the leader who moves, but his entourage which states that there is no plan to bring down the prime minister. This is a thesis that Conte takes with his pliers. Indeed, the premier knows that Renzi hit him where he is weakest: in the Senate, where the numbers expose the majority to the moods of Italia Viva, on the justice front, where the distances with the M5S are sidereal. But it is known, these constant quarrels and divisions on fundamental issues for the government make Conte fear a lot and not only.

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