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MILAN. On the day when Matteo Renzi saves Matteo Salvini on the Open Arms case by voting against the junta for the Parliamentary elections, the fate of Italia Viva aligns with that of the Fontana junta in the Lombardy Region as well. Renziana (from Codogno, the center of the outbreak of the coronavirus emergency in Lombardy) Patrizia Baffi was in fact elected president of the commission of inquiry of the Lombardy Regional Council on the Covid emergency 19 and asked in a loud voice, in recent weeks, by the oppositions. And in recent weeks, in fact, the Regional Council had tried to find the framework for the election of the president of the commission who, as per the Statute, must be elected by the opposition (therefore Pd, M5S and + Europe). But the names presented by the center-left – Jacopo Scandella del Pd and Michele Usuelli of + Europa – did not reach the sufficient number of votes: Scandella collected 28, three less than the total number of votes of the minority. At this point, the third candidate of the center left, Baffi, was the one who last February 27 posted a photo on Instagram together with the president of the Lombardy Region Attilio Fontana writing “President, we trust you. Help us get out of here “and adding a heart. The photo was then removed from the councilor’s profile. And today Baffi obtained the support of the majority of the Lombard Regional Council: 46 votes to which his was added, for a total of 47 out of 79 voters. Many more than those had by his colleagues Scandella and Usuelli. In addition, the exponent of Italia Viva a few weeks ago – together with Usuelli, abstained – had not participated in the vote for the distrust of the councilor for welfare Giulio Gallera, a motion presented by the Pd and who had not reached the number necessary to be accepted.

Lombardy, the Renziana elected with the votes League to chair the commission on Covid: “Exchange with Open Arms is an invention, I don’t resign”

Pd and grillini, at the time of the vote for the presidency of the commission this morning, left the classroom. In a post on Facebook the councilor dem Pietro Bussolati explains: “Yesterday Salvini participates in a meeting of the Lega al Pirellone. Italia Viva does not participate in the vote on the Salvini trial. The Lombard regional majority votes Patrizia Baffi of Italy Viva chairman of the commission of inquiry into the facts relating to Covid-19. The president, by statute, must be indicated by the minority. The minority had voted with 95 percent of the vote for Jacopo Scandella (Pd) in all previous attempts. Baffi only receives his vote as a minority and 45 from the majority. Today we leave the classroom and at this point it is necessary to take to the streets, because in addition to the arrogance of errors there is the fear of discovering the serious political responsibilities of Attilio Fontana on this matter. We will continue to seek their political responsibilities, going beyond the fear of the majority, beyond the provisions of a domesticated commission of inquiry. “

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For Dario Violi, regional councilor of the M5S, “the majority has elected his candidate, who is part of Italia Viva, a party that today enters the center-right in all respects. Evidently, the League returned the favor to him in Lombardy and, given the serious mistakes he made in the emergency, he chose a commission of inquiry lined up in his favor. With the election of a non-neutral presidency, the Commission of Inquiry has no sense of existing: it is a farce. Minorities are the President of the Commission and our indications, with 28 votes on a candidate, have been very clear. We will not participate in the work of a Commission of Inquiry that offers no guarantee for an impartial assessment of the Lombardy Region Covid-19 emergency management and an overall speech on Lombard health. For our part, we are evaluating the possibility of starting a minority working group on the pandemic ”.

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Mauro Piazza di Forza Italia was then elected as vice-chairman of the commission, while Giorgio Gori’s Elisabetta Strada dei Civici was elected secretary councilor (after having removed her support from Scandella). Meanwhile, on Twitter, the parliamentarian and president of Italy Viva Ettore Rosato asked the new president to resign: “Patrizia Baffi would be an excellent president of the Commission of inquiry on Lombard health, for competence and personal history. Shameful exploitation by the Democratic Party that imposes clear choices. We invite Patrizia to resign. We don’t need armchairs, let’s leave them to the Democratic Party ”.

Lombardy, brawl in the regional council: M5S calls for Gallera’s resignation

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