stop to the ‘lock down’ in France and reopening of the borders from 15 June, but the French will be able to come from 3 –


France reopens its borders on 15 June. The official was given this afternoon by the transalpine Prime Minister Edouard Philippe, in a press conference convened specifically in the afternoon. But the French will, however, be able to come to Italy as early as June 3, given that our country opens its borders from that date.

In practice, from today the reopenings are launched which will obviously be scheduled and which will see the official reopening of the borders on June 15th. From the 2nd of next month, the limit of 100 km of movement from your home will be removed and, while the prohibitions of gathering on public land remain until at least June 21, they will open regularly on the 2nd, as well as museums and camping.

Schools reopen from June 2, with the exception of the Paris area. As regards cinemas, the French will have to wait until the 22nd. A sort of ‘road map’, therefore, for French citizens to think about the future after the months of confinement spent in cause of Covid-19.

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