Stock exchanges falling pending Trump’s decisions on China


MILAN – 12:15 pm. Stock prices seem to put aside satisfaction with the presentation of the European plan against Covid 19 of 750 billion: the announced press conference of Donald Trump on the China-Hong Kong issue is stirring the spirits. The European price lists continue to fall, after the strong gains on the eve. Milan limits losses to 0.2% in the middle of the day, with the luxury and automotive sectors in greater difficulty. Bene Mps after the official go-ahead from the EU for the sale of impaired loans. The others are weak: Frankfurt loses 1.1%, Paris yields 0.7% e London 0.9%. Without giving further details, the US president has only said that he is not happy with what is happening around the second world economy.


The harsh Beijing law to suffocate Hong Kong

Clutches that weighed on last night’s closure a Wall Street: after a good start, the Dow Jones lost 0.58% and the Nasdaq left 0.46% on the ground. For the same reasons, after four sessions on the rise he also suffered Tokyo Stock Exchange also weighed down by the collapse of industrial production which fell 9.1% in April, to the lows of the tsunami and the Fukushima accident in March 2011. The Nikkei index of guide stocks fell by 0.18% to 21,877 points while the wider Topix index in the final lost 0.87%.


Trump thinks about the sanctions and closes the Chinese students

Always remaining on macro data and always in Japan, retail sales fell by 13.7% annually in April, the strongest drop since 1998. The collapse in the auto and clothing sectors was particularly strong. The unemployment rate rose from 2.5% to 2.6% in the same month, the highest level since 2017 Germanyon the other hand, retail sales fell by 5.3%: a considerable contraction but clearly lower than expected, which stood at -12%. And the French GDP contraction it drops to -5.3% in the first quarter, against the -5.8% estimated in April. On the other hand, the one reported by Istat for Italy worsens.


The cold war between the US and China, which side is the EU on

The spread between 10-year BTPs and German Bund counterparts it drops to 185, the same level as yesterday’s close, after an opening at 188 points. The descent is linked to the BTP auction. The Treasury is full, placing 7.5 billion of which the 4 to 10 years at the rate of 1.42%, down 36 basis points. On the secondary, the 10-year yield falls to 1.425%.L’EUR it opens higher, after hitting 1.11 dollars, and the yuan gives up: the European currency changes hands at 1.1094 dollars and 118.93 yen. Dollar / yen drops 107.02. The PBOC, the Chinese central bank, has devalued it yuan against the dollar, setting the exchange rate between the greenback and the Beijing currency at 7.1335, against the previous 7.1277.

Quotesgold little moves on Asian markets with cautious investors with renewed tensions between Beijing and Washington. The immediate delivery ingot slightly advanced to $ 1,720.8 an ounce (+ 0.1%). Instead, continue to suffer Petroleum, whose prices are falling due to the rise in US weekly inventories and the weakening of demand. On the Asian markets, futures on LIght crude Wti fell by 1.45% to $ 33.22 and those on Brent fell by 0.6% to $ 35.08 a barrel. Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia and the other OPEC + countries are aiming to extend the current cuts of 9.7 million barrels per day until December.

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