Still protests in Minneapolis after Floyd’s death


Tensions do not subside in Minneapolis, in the United States, where for the second consecutive evening many people took to the streets to demonstrate against the death of George Floyd, 46 year old African American, which occurred two days ago during the arrest on the street by of four policemen, all fired. President Trump promises justice. The interview with Gianni Riotta, from “La Stampa”, an expert from the United States.

Andrea De Angelis – Marina Tomarro – Vatican City

In their report, the agents spoke of a man who resisted and, when handcuffed, felt ill. However, things did not seem to have gone well, because a passer-by has resumed the arrest scene and George Floyd is seen on the ground, with a policeman’s knee on his neck. The man screams to loosen his grip, because he is suffocating. He will die in a few minutes, he is already unconscious when he is taken to the ambulance. The event sparked the tough street protests of the African American community.

A unanimous request for justice

In Minneapolis the clashes between the African American community and the police continue after more than 48 hours from the incident: throwing stones, bottles, also used tear gas. Citizens protest against what appears to be yet another act of violence against African Americans in the United States. The mayor of Minneapolis, Frey, in asking himself why the policeman is not in prison demands that justice be done immediately. The chief of police, Medaria Arradondo, also spoke of what happened and attempted to restore calm in an interview, in which he stressed that it is appropriate to do justice after the internal police investigation, as well as the FBI investigations . Protests also in California, where hundreds of people protested against the killing of Floyd, blocking the transit of a main road in Los Angeles and causing damage to a police headquarters.

A racial prejudice that does not eradicate

“The death of George Floyd in Minneapolis – he explains Gianni Riotta, former director of “La Stampa”, an expert in the United States – immediately led to the dismissal of four policemen. This episode occurs after a father and son in Georgia killed a boy just because he was jogging in their neighborhood, mistaking him for a thief, and after the accident, which occurred just last weekend in New York, where a black-skinned gentleman he was threatened by a girl only for being called back, because she was walking the dog without a leash. All these incidents in Georgia, Minneapolis and New York have obviously been picked up by mobile phones, as now happens, and suggest that there is a very strong racial prejudice in the United States “.

Listen to the interview with Gianni Riotta

Usa, a country with strong contradictions

The United States of America – says Gianni Riotta – are today divided into everything. The coronavirus pandemic also led to completely opposite responses. The racial division, which had somehow reabsorbed in the eight years of President Barack Obama’s administration, has now exploded very strongly, at a time when the country is politically and culturally split in two, also in view of the presidential elections. November. Voters are lined up on two fronts: that of the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, and that of the Republican President Trump.

The reasons for the racially motivated tensions

In the early sixties, before the great civil rights laws approved by the administration of President Kennedy – Riotta recalls – the electorate changes in the South. After supporting the Democrats for a century, it passes to the Republicans. This phenomenon has radicalized with the Obama presidency. Unemployment and the impoverishment of part of the population for the benefit of others has led to a certain return of racist intolerance.

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