Stefano Carrer, journalist for Il Sole 24 ore, was found dead in a cliff


At 59 he died Stefano Carrer, journalist and correspondent from abroad for Il Sole 24 ore. The man had been missing since last Wednesday, when the man had gone out for a walk in the mountains of Pigra, a village on Lake Como. His body was found on a cliff on Friday afternoon, an autopsy is now awaited.

Stefano Carrer was born in Como and here he attended the Liceo Classico Volta before graduating in law. He therefore undertook journalistic studies to work in the sector and began his career in the periodicals of the Monti group. He then flew to New York, from where he collaborated as correspondent for a period The sun 24 hours. After a few years he decided to try an experience at Rizzoli-De Agostini before returning permanently to Il Sole 24 ore, where he was hired in 1993. From that moment on, his adventure began in the most authoritative business newspaper in the country, for which he worked almost always as a correspondent from abroad.

In 2008 he flew to Asia and from 2013 to 2018 he was correspondent from Tokyo. His analyzes of international finance on the “Planet Asia” section were always timely and careful. Although with the rigor that distinguishes economic journalists, Carrer managed to empathically convey what he wanted to tell his readers. The search for the objectivity of the facts was inevitable for him, in his case represented by numbers, but despite this there was never coldness in his words.Stefano Carrer was one of the first Italian journalists to reach Fukushima, since 2011 he has never failed an appointment with the tsunami anniversary. Asia and Japan had become part of his life, he had somatized and metabolized them, he had become part of it. In 2017 he was the only Italian journalist to have the honor of boarding the plane of the Japanese Emperor Akihito on his first trip to Vietnam, the first of a Japanese ruler.

The editorial staff of Il Sole 24 ore is pervaded by despair. Stefano Carrer in this period of quarantine was in Italy and that damned Wednesday had decided to take a walk in the Valle d’Intelvi, his valley. The alarm was raised when the man did not return to his home and they served 36 hours to the Alpine Rescue and the Fire Brigade to find his body. “The last time I saw it – that we saw it, was last week by videoconference: long hair and quarantine beard, before phase two brought us back to the sunlight and to the hairdressers“, says Attilio Geroni, his colleague and editorial staff, in a long article dedicated to his colleague.

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