Steam Cloud Play is Valve’s new game streaming platform –


Steam Cloud Play is the new platform of game streaming of Valve: a service that allows you to use streaming games, in fact, and that supports GeForce Now but not only.

“Steam Cloud Play is currently in beta and more features will be added over time,” says the release released by Valve. “We currently support a limited number of games in this service, but will continue to introduce features and expand server capacity.” The platform was already talked about last November, with the name of Steam Cloud Gaming.

“The first service that we will connect to Steam and that will allow users to access the games of their library via the cloud is GeForce Now. (…) Steam users will have to download the GeForce NOW client and connect their account to access the library . ”

As mentioned at the beginning, however, support for GeForce Now is only the beginning. “We could add more cloud gaming platforms in the future,” reveals the release. “When it does, we’ll let you know to let you put your games on the new service.”

In short, seen in this way it seems that Valve is working on a sort of platform-container for game streaming. Will other companies take advantage of the opportunity to board?

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