Stash, who is your famous ex-girlfriend? They lived a great love


Stash Fiordispino is the leader of The Kolors, one of the most popular singers in Italy. We know little of his private life: he had a famous girlfriend.

Stash the Kolors

Stash Fiordispino he is the leader of The Kolors, one of the groups that, having left the talent, has had the greatest success in recent years, managing not only to change and evolve musically and not only in all this time, but also and above all humanly.

About his private life, we know very little: he nevertheless had an affair for many years, including the moment when he entered the school of Amici di Maria De Filippi, with a certain Carmen that we can call his former girlfriend “historic”.

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Famous ex girlfriend Stash who is he?

Stash is the frontman of The Kolors, let's find out more about him and his private life starting from the question is he engaged?

The two, however, a few years after the end of the Canale 5 program, broke up and the reason would seem to be really big and important: his really huge jealousy towards the singer and multi-instrumentalist so much that the two decided therefore to take roads different.

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After the end of this relationship there was talk of a possible flirtation with him Rossana Feola but at the moment neither side has been confirmed in one direction or the other, but one thing is certain: the two are certainly great friends but it is not yet clear whether there is something tender or something other.

In short, we will see what will happen between the two and if, perhaps, there will be more information to come spoilerati in tonight’s episode of Special Friends in which he has been and still is one of the most important protagonists, always on the front line to show his talent.

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